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VIFON welcomes spring!

From the beginning of April, in the streets of Polish cities you can see the new spring campaign VIFON. VIFON welcomes spring !!!!

The outdoor campaign will last a month, and billboards and citylights will appear in 10 largest cities in Poland, among others. Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Łódź and Gdansk - more than 155 media in total.

Communication will include standard soup, gluten-free soup and lunch boxes.

We encourage you to look into VIFONA in urban space.

See our new products

The flavour of spicy beef with curry
70 g VIFON

Lunch box with meat - Thai Style Chicken
179g VIFON

Spaghetti rice noodles gluten-free

Sriracha Sauce Chili Hot
228 g TAOTAO