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Consumer’s Laurel for VIFON and TaoTao

The VIFON and TaoTao brands, whose distributor and importer has been Tan-Viet International S.A. for 25 years, won two top positions this year in the prestigious Consumer's Laurel competition. VIFON received the Gold and TaoTao the Consumer's Silver Laurel.

The awards are the result of a nationwide customer survey in which the respondents indicated the best perceived brands, which confirmed that VIFON and TaoTao enjoy growing popularity and recognition among Polish consumers.

VIFON, the winner of the Consumer's Golden Laurel, Poles appreciate a wide range of flavors (16 soups) and packaging (foil, bowls, cups, sachets). The Consumer Silver Laurel 2018 went to TaoTao, which has original products from Asia in its portfolio. Gluten-free rice pasta, soy sauces, spicy chilli sauces and other TaoTao proposals can be successfully used for European dishes, especially Polish ones.

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