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Company History

TAN-VIET has operated on the Polish market since 1990. Established by Mr Tao Ngoc Tu, over the years the company has achieved a notable market success and is one of the largest importers and distributors of oriental products in Poland.

Throughout our activity, we gained wide experience and established extensive commercial contacts in Poland and in the world. We work with partners in Europe, Asia and Central America.

In our offer, you can find oriental cuisine products and a number of instant products, primarily instant soups with noodles. Moreover, we vaunt that we export Polish agri-food products, including dairy products.

TAN-VIET is an owner or exclusive distributor of the following brands and products:

VIFON: exclusive distributor of VIFON soups and sauces in Poland;

TaoTao: TaoTao brand owner; sauces, noodles, mushrooms, fruit and many other oriental products;

Ammko: Ammko brand owner; instant soups;

TOKYOTO: TOKYOTO brand owner; Japanese cuisine products, including sushi products;

Owing to our cooperation with the largest distribution wholesalers, the goods we offer are available in over 70% of stores in Poland. You can find them in Polish and foreign commercial chains.

Since 2002, the company’s offices are in Łęgowo near Gdańsk, in a modern office and warehouse complex. Company concentration in one place and management with modern systems allow us to ensure business customer services conforming to the highest standards.

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Prażynki krewetkowe łagodne
50 g VIFON

Ramen - zupa o smaku sosu sojowego z wakame kubek
60 g VIFON

Ramen - zupa o smaku sosu sojowego z wakame

Chili Master Ostry Sos Pomidorowy z Chili
360 ml TAOTAO